Finding Support in Yogasūtras


Kate Holcombe credits the Yogasūtra of Patanjali with saving her life more than once. It helped her recover from an accident that led her to study the Yogasūtras in the first place AND helped her through countless challenges, including getting sober, overcoming childhood trauma and abuse, pregnancy and adoption losses, parenting four amazing children, and being her lifeline through an aggressive cancer diagnosis. Because of how much the Yogasūtra has helped Kate, she’s hopeful that it can help you.

Sūtra I.1 – Start Where You Are

The goal of yoga philosophy is to feel empowered to consciously choose your response and therefore influence your experience, no matter what your circumstances are. Viktor Frankl said that everything can be taken from us except the freedom to choose our attitude. We are always in choice. When we can consciously choose our response (instead of unconsciously reacting in a way that potentially causes more suffering), we feel better.

Yogasūtras helped Kate get sober in 1992. If she’d been told that she had to be different, or even sober, to begin, she wouldn’t be here today. This is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and ultimately living your best life. You start right where you are.

Sūtra I.2 – Clearing the Fog

Yoga is an ongoing practice of working with the mind to help us see and understand more clearly and feel more connected to our true selves. As a result, we feel empowered to consciously choose our response to any situation and therefore influence our experience, no matter what the circumstance is.