HYF is not currently offering any 500 hour Teacher Trainings in 2013. We are pleased to recommend the 500 trainings offered by our partners and colleagues:
The Yoga Foundation
Yoga Foundation, a New York-based Yoga Alliance recognized affiliate school of HYF directed by Danielle Tarantola, offers a 500 hour Teacher Training Program in the teaching tradition of great yoga teacher T Krishnamacharya. This 500 hour program is broken into two distinct programs: Part One, the 200 Hour Introduction to Teaching Yoga Program and Part Two, the 300 Hour Advanced Teaching Skills Program. Most graduates of the 200 Hour Program continue onward to complete the 300 Hour Program, thereby graduating from one of the most in depth programs of its kind on the east coast. The comprehensive Desikachar-designed curriculum ensures that the theories and practices of authentic, appropriate, and transformational yoga will be learned and taught with integrity and depth of understanding. Topics include Yoga Philosophy, Classical Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation techniques, Course Planning, Modifications, Observation, Chanting, and Anatomy and Physiology. The education is holistic - influencing all dimensions of our trainees through incorporating all tools of yoga and encouraging them to think out of their boxes. Graduates will feel confident to teach group classes to all types of students and one-on-one classes tailored to general physical/mental/emotional well-being.

Mentorship, Observation, and Supervised teaching are the pivotal aspects of our program. All students will be assigned a suitable mentor who will guide them in their personal practice, on their individual queries, and in their development as a competent teacher. Our students gain the advantage of experiencing how one tradition can be creatively applied, with discretion, by observing different trained teachers who have the common goal of enhancing the well-being of many different populations. Supervised teaching, which happens later in the program, enables Teacher Training Students to feel comfortable effectively transitioning to a teacher in a lineage with a reputation for integrity and a high quality of teaching.

One Source Yoga www.onesourceyoga.com

Please check back for updated information on upcoming Advanced Trainings for Cancer Support and Trauma